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Center of garden, building and decorative stones.WILLKAT offers wholesales and retail sales of stones for floors, walls, elevations and socle which serves as pedestals for ornaments in gardens and beyond.

Good quality and a large selection of products make us favourite among all companies involed in the sales of Natural Stones.
We offer gneiss of varying thickness, size, colour and texture, volcanic stone, pebbles, sandstone, limestone and cussed stones at clients' request and lots more. We partner with construction companies, designers of gardens, gardening stores, aquarium designers/stores, and individual clients.
Our core assets include:
- Low prices
- Product variety and good quality
- Fast execution of orders/requests
- Individual approproach to every client
- We also arrange delivery, to clients' choice destination

  ADDRESS   87 - 400 Golub - Dobrzyn
      ul. Sokolowska 44F
      Za Targowiskiem w Dobrzyniu
  TELEPHONE   0 601 319 627
  FACEBOOK   WillKat Hurtownia Kamienia
gallery products contact map

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